Column Lifts & Blenders

Essex Rise Corporation and IEDCO (Industrial Equipment & Design Company) have established a Strategic Alliance allowing us to join forces in the marketing, sales, engineering and production of the Column Lift based product line.

These products are specifically directed towards the pharmaceutical and food industries that require a clean and hygienic method of materials handling for Bulk Bags, Drums, IBC’s and other bulk containers.

We have also used this technology to provide hygienic Material Lifts for lifting loads between floors and mezzanines.

Our Column Lifts are manufactured from polished stainless steel throughout with all welds continuous and ground smooth. The method of Lifting is via an electrically driven ball screw for the ultimate in mechanical safety. Column Lifts can be manufactured with slewing capabilities to take advantage of different loading and multiple discharge positions as well as being flexible to changes in process conditions. Support is typically from the floor and ceiling structures but floor only support is available.

Blenders have the same basic construction as the Column Lift for lifting and support but have a Lifting carriage designed specifically to rotate IBC’s for mixing. Blenders have a unique method of latching and holding the IBC for easy loading and unloading and safe operation. Controls are PLC based using an HMI operator panel and can be connected to facility networks for data acquisition and process validation.